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Boarding Pick-up & Drop off Hours
 9am-12pm & 6pm-7pm
​  Grooming Hours Vary
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Dog Boarding
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Cat Boarding
At Caes Kennels we have 10 indoor/ outdoor kennels and 7 indoor only kennels. The dogs are let into the outdoor kennels multiple times a day as well as hand walked a few times. If approved by the customer the dogs will also be played with throughout the day so that they aren't just cooped up in a kennel all day (temperment allowing). Dogs can also play with the other dogs. We have a large exercise area where we carefully introduce the dogs to each other if they get along they can play in the exercise area for a while. The time they will be allowed to play together depends on how many dogs we have in the facility and how many dogs get along with each other.
# of dogs in same kennel                3 days & under         Over 3 days                       Weekly
1 dog                                                  $15/day                        $12/day                       $75/week
2 dogs                                                    $25/day                        $22/day                      $145/week                        
3 dogs- all small
 breed or 1 large &2 small breed        $35/day                        $32/day                      $215/week

*For multiple dogs in different kennels the 1 dog rate applies to each dog

Cats are kept in special cat cages. If approved by the customer they are allowed "free time" as long as they aren't destructive - don't scratch the walls or tear things up. We have an isolation room where they are let loose to stretch their legs and play with some toys and temperment allowing be played with. Cats are also allowed to play with the other cats if they get along as with the dogs they are carefully introduced to determine if they will get along.
***If you have any question concerning drop offs, pick-ups or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you. Our hours are flexible if your schedule clashes with our hours just ask and we can try to work out an out of hours pick-up or drop off.
# of cats 3 days & under       Over 3 days            Weekly
 in same 
1 cat        $10/day                   $8/day                $50/week
2 cats      $15/day                   $12/day               $80/week
3 cats      $20/day                   $16/day               $110/week
4 cats      $25/day                   $20/day               $130/week

Items to Bring
For cat and/or dog Boarding you must bring: 1) Food, 2) Vet records showing that rabies and distemperment shots are up to date, you can also bring an old blanket/bed (we can supply these for you) or toys anything to make your dog feel more at home.
Please bring items that are easily washed and that you don't mind if they get torn up if a dog acts out.
You must bring vet records showing that rabies and distemper shots are up to date

Dog Grooming
 At Caes Kennels we groom dogs of all shapes and sizes.
 We provide three different levels of service: Bath, Groom, & Full Service.    

                                                        Bath           Groom    Full Service            
       Small                  1-10   lbs        $10              $20           $25                         
       Medium            11-20   lbs        $15              $25           $30                             
       Large                21-60   lbs        $20              $35           $40               
       Extra Large       61-80   lbs        $25              $45           $50     
​       Giant                 81-150 lbs        $30              $55           $60

Other Services: Ears $5, Eyes $5, Nails $5, Teeth $5, Sanitary Shave $5
* Bath includes shampoo, conditioner if needed, and a blow out

* Groom includes a bath and haircut

* Full Service includes a bath, haircut, teeth, nails, eyes, and ears

You will need to bring vet records showing that rabies and distemper shots are up to date